Start Your Day Right with Positive Affirmations

Start Your Day Right with Positive Affirmations

Take time in the morning to focus on positive thoughts by creating Daily affirmations. Daily affirmations are simple statements, but they can be powerful enough to change your entire attitude and outlook on life. Repeating positive mantras allows you to reprogram old, unhealthy and ineffective thoughts with new, empowering ones. It only takes a few steps to use daily affirmations effectively and make positive changes.

Positive Thinking aids with Stress Management.

Having a positive attitude is shown to have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. Affirmations are statements or intentions that can be read silently or out loud in an attempt to realign thoughts and words with a positive energy

If you’re having difficulty writing your own affirmations, buy a general book of daily and nightly affirmations. There are a wide variety of affirmation books available online and in major bookstores. Some are general, while others follow a certain theme like enhancing spirituality, reducing stress or building self-esteem.

Stay in a Positive Mode.

Whether you are writing or speaking your affirmations, always use positive phrases. If your goal is to lose weight, you would say, “I am thin,” versus, “I am not fat.” The subconscious mind does not relate to negative terms or words such as “not,” therefore what it picks up from “I am not fat” is “I am fat.” Therefore, you are only affirming your current situation.

After you get the hang of verbalizing your affirmations, you may want to record yourself, and play it back to yourself later in the day. Record your affirmations. Speak in a calm voice and repeat the words several times. You should record several minutes of tape.

Start Your Day Right with Positive Affirmations

Make a special time each day to write or meditate on positive affirmations. For some people having quiet time in the morning to say positive affirmations is the best way to make them a daily habit. For others, saying affirmations at night when the house is quiet is the best time.

Keep a list or book of positive affirmations in your bathroom. Frame positive affirmations and hang them in your bathroom. Hang pictures around your home that remind you of positive affirmations.

As you slowly approach your treadmill (or whatever you need to do), your feet heavy with dread, plan out your walk, jog or run on the machine. Set a goal in your mind, program it into the machine, place the towel over the controls and tell yourself that you can do it. Once you step off that treadmill, celebrate your victory. Despite all of the moments in the day that you felt that it was impossible, you did it.

An affirmation is a declaration or statement of truth and being. If repeated regularly, affirmations can change the way individuals view themselves and the world …

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